Monday, 19 March 2012

Groupon Purchasing Services

Hello. Sorry for being absent.
But we have been looking around for other services to provide.
Of course, we'll still bring in bags, but in the meantime, we'd like to offer you this:
Our Online Groupon Purchasing Service

Have you ever seen something on Groupon, MilkADeal, ILoveDiscounts or MyDeals?
Are you interested to buy them but don't have e-banking or feel that it's too complicated to work out?
You can come to us at any time, any deal, so long as you can pay via cash deposit. 
Of course, we can do occasional meet-ups as well.

Exactly how do we charge?
It is a simple charging system. 
For deals under RM50, we charge an extra RM4. 
For deals under RM100, we charge RM6.
For deals above RM100, we charge RM8 per purchase.

Redemption must be made yourself. 
Payment must be made before we make any purchases, so be aware of when the deal closes. ;)
Once purchase is done, we will forward the voucher e-mail to you, and you can print the pdf out yourself.

Simple enough? Any enquiries, please contact us at

Monday, 20 February 2012

One Shoulder Backpack

Seems like they're everywhere now. ;)
We do understand the lure of these backpacks.
They have a certain charm about them, sending studious yet fun vibes all at the same time. 

Comes in three colours: black for easy matching, the cream for attention from the guys, and the cappuccino for usual everyday use :)

Colours: Black, Cream and Cappuccino
Price: RM42 (Spotted at other blogshops at RM70!)
Yet we dare assure you our quality does not deviate from theirs.
Status: Available

Interested? Mail us at

Messenger Bag

The full-sized messenger bag is a little too big for dates and outings, so we brought you this.


Has golden studs at the side.
But if the studs are a little too eye-catching, opt for the light grey:

The studs on the light grey is much less obvious. :)

Colour: Light Grey and Bluish-Grey
Price: RM42
Status: SOLD OUT

Mini Balenciaga (With Tassels)

A size handy for a girls' day out :)
Could fit cameras, lip glosses and your mobile. 

Our mini Balenciaga comes in 4 colours, however, only black and cream is in stock.
(Do mail us for other colours)

Colour: Black and Cream
Price: RM40
Status: Available

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Rilakkuma Purse

Who doesn't like this cheeky lettle fella? Feast your eyes on this:

Cute as ever. And in a colour so soft that'll get female friends swooning over it. ;)

The size is just nice ;) 

With sunshine yellow as the interior colour.
And a space for you for photos of your beloved ones :)

Has compartments for coins and dollar notes as well.

As I said earlier, stocks are pretty limited.
So, grab it quick ;)
Colour: Beige with yellow interior
Price: RM26
Status: SOLD OUT

As we said, it is of very good quality, unlike the ones you get in roadside stores.

Mail us at enquiries.linda(at)